Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I will become these people that make others question, "what exactly do they do anyway?" So far this week, I had a business lunch at a nice little french restaurant on Monday. We talked about projects, films, life and the little bubble that we live in called new york city. On the same day, there was the concert in the park, a trip to the library and some serious search of the perfect french restaurant to go to with my girl friends.

I thought about Billy, possibly my favorite character from One Fifth Avenue. Will I become him someday? I wouldn't mind having such fine taste in art and all other things glamorous but I certainly wouldn't want to be lonely in the way that he is.

Having a career is important for many reasons other than money. Years ago, one of the few times that my dad accompanied me and my step mother at the time on a shopping trip, I remember he looked at us both and said, you guys will never understand money the way most people do. I think he's right. "Having seen too much" is a curse. I'm almost forced to know better. But that doesn't really stop me from desiring other things in life. I still have problems verbalizing it but it's along the line of career, job, and accomplishment.

So, in the light of been responsible to myself, I made a to-do list for this week. For an unemployed person, I can be surprisingly busy too. Sometimes I wonder why people have such blind faith in me, but other times I take it as it is. Maybe I am every bit as good as they think I am.

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