Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Trying to be upbeat and keep a cheerful tone, is it working yet? It is almost annoying that every decision that I have made in the past few months feels like life or death. It is even worse when I regret one. In time of doubt ( I know....here we go again..), there are about a million seemingly legitimate reasons to stop trying everything and push for the impossible, but if the decision turns out to be the first runner-up, I can kiss this career goodbye before even stepping on a firm step. It all sounds crazy but nonetheless true. I told the story of the biker shop boy again last night. Three months in a bike shop, and you can try your luck at IB in your next life. SOunds scary? Given the state of economy, the number of people laid off within the industry, and the number of people trying to get in every year, three month is worth more than a life time.

Don't comfort me, don't feel bad, and don't even pretend to understand, just tell me to go on.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moment of contentment is normally followed by extensive period of doubts and insecurity. I have been fairly happy lately. New environment does tend to take your mind off things. That is, until now. Almost a month passes by, I'm once again reminded of the haunting reality. I want a small break but don't dare to take one. I want to grab on to something that doesn't have an expiration date, but can't seem to find any. For now, I can only hold on to what I have at the moment, as unsatisfying as it can be at times.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fashion Conundrum

Back in College (which isn't that long ago, really), I loathed the shorts, hoodies, and flip-flop look that occupied the campus like Catholic school's uniform. Sadly, I didn't dare break out my platform heels, skinny black pants, or fur coat, ok, maybe just occasionally....The point is, college dress code was so unsatisfying that I cried for the day when I can actually dress the way I want.

So it happened, exactly four months ago.

Now, with the official start of fall, my winter closet is approaching an state of emergency: there is no platform black boots yet, there's a serious lack of winter appropriate work outfit, and worst of all, there is no inspiration! It has never occured to me how difficult it is to put together a decent work outfit given that I'm going to be working for the rest of my life! Now, as much as I'd like to break out the torned legging with oversized T-shirt look, I can't! Working in Private Equity kind of require you to show up to work with pants. So I'm here, sitting in this fashion slump, drooling over inappropriate outfits that I'd like to wear:

From Garance Dore's blog
Yigal Azrouel Spring 2010

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sitting in bed at home, feeling home sick for no apparent reasons. And it is almost impossible to blog with a broken keyboard. What now?

Karmen Pedaru in September Vogue China

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Will Always Have Oscar...

Apparently "working till death" is not required today. So I'm here, sharing my love for Oscar de la Renta's spring collection

Too many thoughts, one does not relate to another

  • I want to move downtown, for better coffee and better restaurants...
  • I really want another pair of 5 inch black boots, but it seems such a big waste of time to go shopping for it.....
  • Wondering how practical it is to cut dairy products completely out of my diet
  • Occasionally thinking that I should give myself a break, relax and enjoy a little
  • This is what happen when I get a 5 minutes break at work....
This picture is not particularly great but I got it from Cai's blog. The caption says, "Solitude, sometimes it is ok to shed a few tears" (excuse my awful translation)

Well, I don't really cry, but that is not the point

Monday, September 14, 2009

On Fashion Week, or Maybe Not..

Sometimes I read other people's blog, they shop, they party, they go to fashion week, or at least they browse through all the collections then follow up with a pretty intelligent post. As much as I love fashion, I don't know the past five seasons of Marni collections by heart; I haven't even seen anything from fashion week actually, despite the fact that I pass by Bryant park at least 3 times in the last few days.

Is there a glamorous life that I'd rather be living? Surprisingly the answer is probably a "no". To some extent, I almost enjoy working 12 hour days, spending most, if not all, of my time analyzing financial statements and working on M&A deals. Of course, it's all with the hope that at some point, I can settle on something great and finally take that vacation that's long overdue. Before that, this seemingly less glamorous life shall continue...

Something amusing, Anna Wintour's first publish

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Perfume Talk

I haven't bought a bottle of Perfume in ages. It's so easy to figure out what scent I like, perfume has been some people's go-to present for me for the past few years. So far my favorites includes Chance from Chanel, Miracle from Lancome, and Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden. To me, sandalwood, magnolias, and musk are incredibly sweet, sensual, and slightly spicy, all together to create the perfect bottle that is sexy but subdued.

Today while flipping Lucky, I found something else that's almost worth trying. However giving the degree of nasal congestion that I'm experiencing right now, I'll have to smell it a few more time to decide whether or not the rose scent is overpowering.

Parisienne by YSL

About Getting Older

My facebook no longer tell people which year I was born. It's not about the fear of aging, after all I'm Asian, we all age gracefully, and about 10 years behind everyone else. It's the indifference attitude towards birthday, getting old, and all that shenanigan...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dragged my tired self to go shopping after work tonight. I always start to long for winter in the middle of the summer. The layering, the endless possibilities....there's something very comforting about winter outfits. Now days, I almost can't wait to bring out the trench coat, kick on some nice ankle boots, or wrap myself in a scarf.

Currently, I'm shopping for shoes. This winter, it's all about the perfect balance between comfy and super heels. What I like so far:

My favorite brand at the moment: 80%20 boots

From Bakers Shoes, also in purple.....I'm in a shoe dilemma

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Girl on the Job

By Nicolas Moore
Nothing feels quite as good as a fresh start. I magically woke up 5 minutes ahead of the alarm clock. That pot of coffee tasted so good I must help myself to a second.......So off I go. Wish me luck!