Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a hard world we live in. You only have ten seconds to make the right impression. I added a few blogs to my daily watch list while enduring another sleepless night. Frugal Fashionista, Liberty London Girl and The Cherry Blossom Girl made the cut. There were probably twenty others who didn't. There's no need to read through a whole page to decide whether you like someone or not. A couple of images, a few line of their writing would do. For me, if they don't offer great fashion news/tips/ideas, they'd better be witty. Yes, I'd follow a blogger religiously if she simply has a sense of humor and whimsical writing style; I actually do.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life is always about negotiating and making deals with myself. As of right now I'm craving a piece of fresh mango. So here's the deal. If I fix my manicure and do the P90X abs routine in the next hour, the treat is on ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Productive Friday Is A Sign For An Even More Productive Saturday

Happy Weekend!

Somehow I think it's a sign from God. I got up quite early today (relatively speaking) for a lunch meeting. Apparently a couple of hours make all the differences. I think God is trying to tell me if I get up earlier, my days will be better spent and much more rewarding because as of right now I'm officially happy and at peace with myself, which is rare, if you know me at all ;)

Now I'm proudly listing out what I have done today: an two hour lunch, some hang out time and apartment hunting with C, a long conversation catching up with R, antique shopping, dinner with dear mother, last work related conversation of the week with my boyfriend and finally a major clean up of my L shape hall way.

For the past months I've been tripping all over the place because the hallway is filled with clothes. It has gotten so bad I started to have trouble opening the door. Finally Moi had enough of walking around risking knee injury at any moment, so I cleaned. That is, patiently separated my laundry shop clothes, dry clean items, clean stuff and ready to give away pieces from three huge piles on the ground (did I mention the process took TWO HOURS!); followed by a little vacuuming, which took place around 12:30 am. Sure my neighbor probably thinks I'm annoying and crazy for doing that but I'm too pleased with myself at the moment to care.

God, if you are reading this blog by any miracle chance, please know that your little point of direction/sign has worked very well today. That's it for now. To be continue.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Come fly away!

A recent read on airplane traveling tips inspired me to think about my own list. After all, my passport is filled with entry and exit stamps and I'm only ten days away from an eighteen hour flight. So here we go:

Must have for hanging on to dear life sake. As soon as I pass security, I go find the biggest bottle of water in the airport and buy Two. Forget about the tiny cups they provide on the airplane. Maybe this option is a bit heavier to carry onto the plane, but when everyone around you is showing signs of dehydration (dry nose, eyes, and everything else), you'll happy that you come prepared.

Must have for looking your best during and after the flight. A ziploc bag containing a super hydrating non oil based moisturizer for the face, another heavier one for the hands, lip balm, tooth brush, toothpaste, compact mirror, mineral highlighting blush/face powder, mascara, spare contact lens, and shine hair spray. I normally re-apply moisturizers and li balm every hour or so during the flight. About an hour before landing, I make a quick run to the washroom to brush my teeth and apply a bit of makeup. Trust me, pinkish cheeks, glowing skin and nicely defined eyes and lashes make all the differences. Shiny and soft hair does not hurt either.

Must have for making the flight more tolerable. A neck pillow, a pashmina (my recent discovery and obsession. Apparently there are a secret society of women who already swear by it during traveling), my own headsets, ear plugs, scented massage balls from t Spheres, interesting book/magazine, and a watch. The list is pretty self-explanatory. I can not emphasize enough on the importance of pashmina. Did you know the blankets on planes are only washed when they actually look dirty? Your own pashmina will look stylish cruising around the airport, add the extra layer for over the top AC and be your blanket when you are ready for some rest time. How perfect is that?

Must have for taking care of your suffering body. Germs make you sick, terrible food and long sitting hours in small space make you bloated, the crying babies nearby make you restless. All these problems can be solved with a tiny bag of medicines. Personally I took with me Airborne, advil PM, Gas-X and sudafed. Not that I recommend drug yourself during long flights. The only thing I swear by is Airborne, which I take twice during the flight. The rest are nice to have on hand just in care I need one of them.

Finally the most important thing of all, traveling outfit and bags. Loose, comfortable V-neck t-shirt (yes I refuse to wear round-neck even when flying), comfortable black yoga pants, fit-flops (my forever addiction), a roomy sweater and of course pashmina. In terms of bags, I currently carry an extra large dark blue bag with brown leather details from H&M. It's roomy enough for all the items mentioned above, plus a computer and anything else I buy at the duty free shops. Plus, the bag can be hand held or carried cross-body style and the soft material ensure it fits comfortably under the chair in front of me. How perfect?

Monday, March 22, 2010

I recently read this in an interview piece, someone said that he does not make plans anymore because everything changes so fast. At the moment, I couldn't agree more.

Still, changing too much at once is a terrifying process, especially for someone who possesses no discipline in life. So I slept, in odd hours and way too much than any functional human being should ever do. I also attempted to look for comfort in food, through seamlessweb most of the times. Sadly everything tastes terrible on this side of town, be it Indian, Chinese, Italian or regular diner breakfast. In the end I'm left with less money in the bank account and a rather irritated stomach.

Then I went to the one thing that always comforted me through the years, not a therapist, just plain reading. Not so lucky this time. It is near impossible to sit and read when I'm contemplating a million things in my head.

So I decided, not having a plan is easier said than done because having a plan provides a sense of comfort (even if it's false).

There are days when I wake up in the middle of the day thinking I won't be able to function until I get a cup of skim latte from Oren's Daily Roast. On other days, I might not get up at all. My back pain is back again. Not from the usual stress factors, it probably came from the thought of not knowing.

One day I read about this scented massage balls from T-spheres and immediately ordered a pair. The smell of mint and grapefruit seriously calm me down. Now I keep them by my bedside and am determined to take them wherever I go.

The other day after dinner with K, I started talking to people about having a dog. Maybe it'll make me a better person? Perhaps it will teach me how to be more selfless?

One Sunday afternoon I finally visited C's apartment on the west side. The view was so shocking that it finally made me decide to move. People laughed when they heard my logic but the hell with them.

By this point if anyone is still reading this, you can see what happen when people have too much free time on their hands. Life becomes an unpredictable play with random discourses and monologues. Nothing has to make sense yet everything makes sense. Some days are super productive but others can be completely bland. As I'm sitting here on the couch typing semi-thoughtfully, I hear the distant traffic and drops of rain. Occasionally someone's rushing foot steps too. There is something extremely fascinating about been awake at odd hours. Maybe I'll light a cigarette and go work on the OM. After all, it is my last tie to the brief former life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Weather Screams Pink!

I'm surely a woman of my word. Just last week I went on a whole rant about how I need to stop buying random stuff and focus on the core. A couple days later I'm waiting for four orders to arrive at door step. Special circumstances aside, I'm still not keeping promises in general. What happen to eating better, sleep earlier and most importantly waking up earlier?

Inside my head, there is a mini-panic awaiting to happen. The weather already feel spring but my year has barely started?!? Oh the time sure fly by, if you are old enough to tell.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Color Me for Spring?

Sometimes a good night can be as simple as a cup of decaf vanilla tea with dried rose and a delightful conversation. Someone got me thinking tonight, hope I don't lose sleep over it.

In the mean time, we are two weeks away from spring. Yes it's worth all the excitement. I can't wait to put on skirts or dresses without heavy tights ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Would You Like to Get Married On A Beach?

By Solve Sundsdo

Project 2010, #1

It's never easy to follow fashion, in a fashionable way nonetheless. As a rather conservative shopper, the moment I finally purchased a pair of over the knee boots, the trend already moved on to ankle booties. And since I don't have all day to browse around Etsy or vintage sources, I have to wait for animal accessories to show up at Forever 21, which, as expected, takes forever!!! The whole thing is a lot like a cat and mice chase. Only, in this case the chaser is defined as a less fashion savvy shopaholics whose closet is overflowing at the moment.

Adding to the irony, the only solution I can think of, involves...shopping. Yes, you heard me right. Going through my closet, I realize how many closet basics that I'm missing, which probably explains why I shop all the time, jump from trend to trend, but yet is still dissatisfied most of the times when walking out the door. Where is the classic trench? Where are some basic ballet flat? And worse of all, do I even own a long sleeve black t-shit?

Before the situation gets too overwhelming, at least there is one thing I can feel very good about, which is the fact I know my style extremely well. Simple, classic, statement accessories, keep it black and avoid brown. Unfortunately I don't always shop accordingly.

Now, in the light of the new year (Chinese one that is), I'm going to do a(another) major closet clean out before the seasonal swap. No more, and I mean NO MORE random purchases until my closet is load up with all the necessary basics! This is going to take a while as we will need to go through four seasons. Wish me luck on this year long project!

Monday, March 1, 2010

SMILE a bit while searching deep into the soul.

STRUGGLE a little but no compromises on the height of the heels.

Occasionally, SWEAR out loud but never let anger and frustration get you down.

Whatever it is,

As long as you don't SETTLE for anything less than what your heart truly desires.