Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Saturday

It's hard to get drunk on sangria, especially when half of the time I'm guilt-tripping over the amount of added sugar. This morning I woke up and almost religiously made a glass of honey water. Certain memories are purposely blocked out while other remains. Like the numerous time I woke up to Lisa's worried face. She'd make hot honey water out of her pink mug while mumbling something about how late I got back to the dorm or how concerned she was.....I'd act like a spoiled child and ask for second even third. In the twelve years living with roommates, memories with Lisa were certainly the best ones.

My boyfriend makes the sweetest honey water, literally. But I could never forget that first time, when he sat next to me patiently pouring hot water from one glass to another, over and over again until the water is lukewarm. He still makes it today. It's almost comforting knowing I can always wake up to a glass of honey water. Often too sweet, but no complains.

Monday, January 25, 2010

London days

Still couldn't sleep at 1:23 am and partially suffering from "old photo syndrome", I started to miss London. The gloomy weather, the tiny room of Highgate Hill and all the time spent wondering around galleries and museums. The city is certainly not on my "List of Places to Live". But maybe its worth another visit someday? The food will forever be bad, but the memory is enough reason to go back.
Out of my window on a normal rainy dayHighgate Hill
My HomeSurprise, surprise!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

If I Live in Wonderland

Just when I thought I conquered P90X, kenpo kicked my butt, hard. No time to blog, I have film script to read. But before that, look at these photos by the talented Mario Testino. In my fantasy of the wonderland, these would be my outfits of choice ;) Good night!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If Only I Can Be A Tulip

I'll stop complaining for once. Not because I desire peace or serenity, there are just enough pretty things to shut me up. Also, the lack of quality posts (or the quantity for that matter) worries me to some degree. What if my next year's blog book looks as dumb as a novel by Plum Sykes??

On the topic of spring fashion, I'm as clueless as the folks over at Gap (the ones who brought back anorak jacket....) but these photos made me starting to long for the smell of fresh grass and daffodils....

Lily Cole by Carter Smith

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2010 Campaign by Steven Meisel

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attempting to find that balance in life.

Not so overwhelmed, not too free; have some time to read and some time to live.

I need order, but I love chaos. I miss living in other people's cleanness but am perfectly comfortable in my own mess.

Let's hope I'm not wondering aimlessly in life...Should know better.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm back and wow It's 2010 already??

The last month of December, I changed job responsibilities, worked overtime way too much, finally went home to see my beloved one and proudly gained 8 pounds as a result of home food.

Now in the light of the new year, shall we start with some new years resolutions?

Would I like to finally pass CFA I, master excel, get a driver's license, go ski before spring hits, devote some time to my own company, finish the documentary project and not spend any Sunday in bed? How about yes to all!! Now that's a hard list to keep, but at least it does not involve going to the gym....which I probably should do anyway.